The monitored coliforms counts must be considered as relevant due to the risks of these microorganisms for consumers. Statistical analysis For each quality attribute an ANOVA was performed and values reported for treatment and storage period were compared to find significant differences. Influence of inflorescence explants age and 2,4-D incubation period on somatic embryogenesis of date palm. Proceedings of the first scientific conference for the development of the palm and dates sector in the Arab world. Les repiquages sur des milieux frais sont effectués toutes les quatre à cinq semaines. A simplified ultrasensitive silver stain for derecting proteins in polyacrylarnide gels. A simple method for the isolation and purification of total lipids from animal tissues.

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Le ré-échantillonnage a été réalisé par la méthode du plus proche voisin à une maille de 2,5 minutes d’arc. Moreover, it was reported that low taxonomic biodiversity was observed in such saline environments Kamekura , Oren since the highly salt concentrations measured in these ecosystems. Ce sont essentiellement les hydrocarbures aliphatiques de moyennes à longues chaines, dodécane C 12 H 26 , Hexadécane C 16 H 34 , octadécane C 18 H 38 , Eicosane C 20 H 42 , heneicosane C 21 H 44 , tetracosane C 24 H 50 , pentacosane C 25 H 52 , tetratriacontane C 34 H 70 , qui sont les plus concernés par la biodégradation. Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 27, — From each sample, 4 olives were tasted for the evaluation. Eléments d’hydrologie pour l’aménagement:

Biodiesel production from heterotrophic microalgal oil.

film el mesh mohandes hassan

Titratableacidity, pH sugar concentration The effects of selected treatments on pH, TA and sugars concentration are reported in Table 2. Le milieu de culture a été par la suite réparti dans des erlenmeyers à raison de ml. Finally, Micratinium pusillumwas proven to be a good candidate for biodiesel production based on its high lipid content as well as its appropriate fatty acid composition. Etude physico-chimique et microbiologique des olives vertes désamérisées en fermentation. The mixture was incubated 30 min on ice, then centrifuged at 12, rpm for 10 min.


Progress in table olive debittering: The bootstrap values were obtained from 1, replications of NJ analyses Kuo et al. Biodegradation of crude oil in the aquitaine basin.

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In this regard, Yasar et al. These results are in confirmation with those obtained by Koziol, ; Repo-Carrasco, ; Repo-Carrasco et al. L’objectif étant de repeupler les palmeraies dévastées par le Bayoud par un matériel végétal résistant tout en évitant la dissémination hssan cette maladie par utilisation de rejets infestés. Authentification and growth characterstics Results of the plant infection test showed that all studied isolates were able to induce nodule formation on the roots of inoculated Sulla plants.

While imbibing seeds complete or half for 24 hours did mohandrs cause a significant improvement in germination after the same period. The skin color, pH, titratableacidity, sugars content microbial counts, sensory quality and moth infestations were monitored.

The number of cells cells mL-1 was counted using a Neubauer chamber and the specific growth rate was calculated as the slope of the following formula: Results showed that 6 kJm-2inducedthe highest reduction of mesophilic, coliforms, yeasts and molds counts whilekeepingthe chemical and sensory quality of dates throughout the shelf life.

No off-odors were detected by panelists in all the samples of fermented olives. Les résultats obtenus suggèrent des différences entre les figuiers considérés: Or la plupart de ces derniers sont représentés par des pieds uniques et souvent sans rejets à leurs bases, ce qui rend impossible leur multiplication à partir de rejets.

Journal of Applied Phycology, 21, The concentrations ofsucrose, glucose and fructose were determined and reported as g sugar g-1 dry matter dm. An enrichment isolation technique was carried out instead of the classical inverted microscopic method.


film el mesh mohandes hassan

In this regard, Ahssan et al. Ce comportement est largement rapporté dans la littérature chez le palmier dattier. Physiological characterization of strains Salt tolerance of strains was assessed by streaking them in TY medium containing 0 to mM NaCl at increments of mM. The aqueous phase was then precipitated with absolute ethanol and sodium acetate.

Particularly UV-C was the most and highly efficient treatment against moth proliferation without adversely affect sall quality attributes.

Dolly Chahine

HPLC chromatogram of phenolic compounds in non inoculated olive brines, at the end of the fermentation process RT: Concernant les témoins, le pH du témoin T1 est presque constant mais on observe une faible variation de pH pour le témoin T2 due à la croissance de la microflore contenue dans le sol contaminé par le pétrole.

Les mêmes constatations ont été rapportées par Bakry et al. On the other hand, the high lipid content of this microalgae strain makes it a potential candidate for the production of biodiesel. The control showed higher sugar contents than the inoculated assays during the fermentation process.

Une étude de la répartition du figuier en Hawsan selon un modèle de niche suivie d’une étude de la composition du sol des zones prospectées Nord, Centre et Sud de la Tunisie a été analysée. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 79 5—